A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

pick up your friend and throw em' up the mountain!

this was in 9 days for the first portland indie gamesquad summer slow jam of 2016 with the theme "co-op" and "best friend best weapon." it's best played with two people but I playtested most of the time by myself on one keyboard.

the default controls are:

player 1 move: WASD

grab / throw: c

jump: v

cling: b

player 2: arrow keys

grab / throw: ,

jump: .

cling: /

press ` to reset the game

updated 8/28/2016 for PIGSQUAD Summer Slow Jam Showcase!

-now includes gamepad support! (xbox360: left joystick controls player, left bumper clings, a button jumps, b button picks up and throws)

-optimized the mountain! the game overall should run faster

-tidied the view at the top of the mountain

-more friendly routes up the mountain

-more responsive player controllers (characters turn faster! jump higher! play correct animations!)


character model - Max Luu

sounds - Will Bucknum

ideation help / playtesting - Max Luu / Reis Mahnic

everything else - Thomas Newlands


Thomas Newlands




huphup_windows_8282016.zip 59 MB
huphup_mac_8282016.zip 28 MB
huphup_windows.zip 58 MB
huphup_mac.zip 27 MB


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Five Stars

This game is gud game the game is a game where you  play a game that's a game this is game game is gud game, however, sometimes the game is a game that is also a game game that games because its a gamey game. My final experience is that the game is gud gamey game.

I gave a try alone but should have read the list of controls first :)


Thank you!! This is the first let's play I've ever had of one of my projects. I'm flattered.