Press the green flag to start!

In Ticketman you act as a fare inspector for Trimet. Choose whether to approve riders or reject them. Is their fare valid? Is their excuse? Don't get it wrong when the supervisor appears.


Play with your mouse. Click on riders to talk with them, highlight errors on their tickets or click away from them to approve their tickets.

Thanks to Ben Roberts for the music and Andy Futuro for the excuses.

Supervisor concept from Andy Futuro.

All of the sound effects recorded on my laptop in Scratch or made in Beepbox. Sprites made in Pixlr.

Trimet ticket via trimet site.

This game was made for the Portland Indie Game PIGSquad Slow Jam #2 (2015)!

I'll be done working on it on the 17th of this month.

My themes were Social Good: Police in our community & School Subject: Water Purification. I chose to run with Police in our community.

-Holly Newlands

Scratch link for remix available here:

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Tags2D, Game Jam, papers, pdx, pigsquad, please, Point & Click, scratch, slowjam


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cool game! i can see that you put a lot of effort inot this game. It also reminds me of Papers Please

so this might me being bad at PM/AM time formats and stuff

but it was 5:XX PM and the Fare was expiering in 7:XX PM, so..... that must be a mistake since there were no more mistakes on the fare

Lmao you only get it wrong if that lady is watching you. You can do whatever you want otherwise.

this is liek papers please! :)

also maybe you should make more possible mistakes like adult being misspeled or something


this game is awesome it is very unique love it!

BTW i followed

I'm not sure what to do. I guess it's like Papers Please but I didn't know how to check things.

The art style is amazing and so was the music!

Oops! Sorry could be clearer, I'll update the description.